About Us

Hey There.
Started doodling things in 2012.

It started as a doodle in one of  my university classes, drawing a big headed character with buttons for eyes. He liked the attention so much so I did him the honour of being the character you see on the logo and products. Button Head has grown from a pet project by sharing creative ideas, and only until recently taken shape to a more solidified brand. A few of the elements that resonate personally are visible here, such as making sure all the products are proudly made in Kenya to show the creative and production independence we have.

Growing it to take a more serious form also meant including a few others in the process to ensure the final product has the authentic touch from people that care, with collaboration being another element that’s visible in the brand. We have done collaboration projects with different artist(e)s in mediums like graffiti, experimental music. We want to grow using Creativity, Culture and Community as the essence of doing interesting things, and take you with us on this unknown fun journey.

Gitonga Henia – Founder & Creative Director with background in design, an unnerving craving for mandazis and a mind that never seems to settle on anything meaningful.


Creativity . Culture . Collaboration